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IN SEA OPTICS they graduate in 3 DIMENSIONS.

At optics mar Torrevieja, they are premiere, and they anticipate the future incorporating the latest and revolutionary technology in the 3D graduation method.An innovative three-dimensional graduation system that optics mar brings exclusively, in which through a large...


Do they seem the same concepts ?, because there is a big difference. VISTA is the simple act of seeing or not seeing something, and VISION is a whole sensory complex in which our eyes as instruments and the brain as a processor, which will allow us to recognize,...
Myths and truths of progressive lenses

Myths and truths of progressive lenses

We first describe these lenses as those that allow us to see correctly with our prescription at any distance, far, far and intermediate vision, especially indicated for those who present tired eyesight or presbyopia. Today we deny the “urban legend” about...
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