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At optics mar Torrevieja, they are premiere, and they anticipate the future incorporating the latest and revolutionary technology in the 3D graduation method.An innovative three-dimensional graduation system that optics mar brings exclusively, in which through a large screen of 3D recreates in a spectacular way real and everyday scenes of our day to day in 3 dimensions.
In this way, we can evaluate the prescription of each eye with both eyes open, assessing the degree of in-depth vision of the patient, adding new data in the binocular balance, nowadays very important when prescribing lenses, especially in Progressive lenses, being much more precise.

With this new system, not only the
Graduating becomes fun and interactive, but it opens up an infinite range of possibilities, for example, introducing ourselves inside a car, and very faithfully recreating in three dimensions, presenting real driving moments, evaluating contrast sensitivity, color change, at the change of light … etc,
In the case of binocular strabismus or dysfunction, we will create a deep environment, faithfully measuring how our sensory system is making us see in relief, and being able to solve problems associated with binocularity.

Óptica mar, not only adds a degree of spectacularity and fun when graduating, but in a very fun and unconscious way we are going to obtain from the patient a lot more information about our visual system, and to be able to measure the integrity that our brain has at when merging the images of our eyes separately into a single image that is what we have when looking.

Sea optics to see and hear
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