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Do they seem the same concepts ?, because there is a big difference. VISTA is the simple act of seeing or not seeing something, and VISION is a whole sensory complex in which our eyes as instruments and the brain as a processor, which will allow us to recognize, understand and understand what surrounds us as an image. For this reason, it is very important that in the first years of our lives our eyes do their job correctly and send our brain a correct image and without effort so that it learns to see.

Just like to walk, talk … etc we need to learn, see, it also requires it and compensate any refractive defect in time, it will depend on the future of our VISION.

We continually trivialize the purchase of glasses just for the aesthetics, the price, the gift when acquiring them … etc, when in an optician the most important thing is not in sight, and it is the work that the optician-optometrist performs in the cabinet, it is like a surgeon in an operating room, or a musician when tuning your instrument, the quality of its precision will grant the success or failure of the result.

For OPTICA MAR, listening, understanding and understanding the patient, making an exhaustive and precise optometric visual control and rigorously prescribing the most appropriate solution for each patient, will be the highest quality value that we will give to the glasses or contact lenses and our commitment will be achieve maximum visual acuity and comfort adjusted to each case.

«Not seeing well, unfortunately it does not hurt», and we hastened the optometric review margins too much. 80% of the cases of blindness would have been avoided with an early diagnosis or correct prevention, the eyes is an irreplaceable organ that should last us all life, take care of them! And be sure to visit us at OPTICA MAR, for us, behind every glasses, or adaptation of contact lenses, there is a great project behind, and the satisfaction of our patients is our best reward. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!

Jorge Almarcha
Optician Optometrist