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We first describe these lenses as those that allow us to see correctly with our prescription at any distance, far, far and intermediate vision, especially indicated for those who present tired eyesight or presbyopia.

Today we deny the «urban legend» about progressive lenses, which are said to be difficult to adapt. Quite the contrary today, of course, if it is true that the first progressive lenses, 50 years ago, were far from the advances that today boast. Let’s remember the first mobiles and compare them with today’s ones, right?
Today the range of variations in progressive lenses is endless. The question when diagnosing them, is not What are they worth? If not, what is our working environment, what level of visual demand do we need most and at what distance, what is the visual need of the user… ..etc etc. there is to determine the success or failure of the adaptation. There are special progressives to play golf, to play billiards, in short, the range of options and possibilities will be determined by the patient in the diagnosis.
The first reason for maladjustment is caused by the carelessness of the user who exhausts his focus distance and we have to put everything we have not taken at once, therefore our celebration is not going to know how to correctly manage all that change. Remember that we do not see with the eyes, but it is the brain that ultimately develops our sense of vision. Not seeing well does not hurt, and the first level of success in our vision is prevention, unfortunately recent studies reveal that 80% of cases of blindness would have been avoided with just prevention or early diagnosis.
For Optica Mar the price is important, but for us the most important thing is a correct diagnosis when prescribing the lenses, it is not about putting the most expensive, nor the cheapest, simply the right one at home, in that way The level of success in the use of progressive lenses is guaranteed.